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  • FiREapps Q4 2016 Corporate Earnings Currency Impact Report

    A total of 296 companies— 245 in North America and 51 in Europe— reported negative currency impacts in Q4 2016. Quantified negative impacts remained 4 times greater than the Industry Standard MBO of less than $0.01 EPS impact.

  • FiREapps Q3 2016 Corporate Earnings Currency Impact Report

    A $10 billion dollar aggregate currency headwind hit corporates in Q3 2016. For companies, this meant an average of $.04 EPS erased from earnings.

  • FiREapps Q2 2016 Corporate Earnings Currency Impact Report

    Lower Volatility in Q2 Meant Lower Negative Impact…Until Brexit. For more than a year now, we have been talking about how volatility is not a “new normal” but rather just normal. A drop in the first two quarters doesn’t change that.

  • FiREapps Q1 2016 Corporate Earnings Currency Impact Report

    One thing is apparent – we have reached a new baseline of negative impact across the FiREapps 1200, even in a quarter where major trends reversed, $20BN+ of negative impact was reported.

  • KPMG: Position Paper Treasury 4.0

    “Treasury remains a neuralgic issue, among other things, in concluding derivative financial instruments and payments as well as cash management: its mismanagement can disrupt the entire company, so that the effectiveness of the internal control system has to remain a fundamental issue.”

  • Deloitte: 2016 Global Foreign Exchange Survey

    “The Deloitte Global FX Survey was crafted in response to the recent high profile coverage and impact of Foreign Exchange risk on business.”

  • The Biggest FX Problem (That No One Talks About)

    Learn how to identify valid FX data, properly record transactions, prevent intercompany mismatches, and uncover major system configuration and admin errors.

  • Tracking the Trends: 2016 Review of the Corporate Currency Market

    Read through key findings from across the corporate currency industry, the rise of currency aware CFOs, the latest research and how to start driving currency awareness in your corporate.

  • FiREapps 2015 Q4 Corporate Earnings Currency Impact Report

    Total quantified negative impact in Q4 was 80% larger than Q4 2014. The average per company impact among North American corporates was the highest ever. As a result of the continued record impacts, we are unquestionably witnessing a rise in the level of currency awareness and disclosures.

  • FiREapps 2015 Q3 Corporate Earnings Currency Impact Report

    Q3 Impact is one of the Top 5 Largest Impacts seen to date, a total of 399 companies – 353 in North America and 46 in Europe – reported negative currency impacts in 2015 Q3. Additionally, compared to 2014 Q3, 2015 Q3 Impact Was Over 3x Larger. For the first time more than 40% of the North American corporates surveyed reported a currency headwind.