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In the decade-plus FiREapps has been a leader in currency risk analytics, our executive team has made participation in industry events a top priority. It is one more way FiREapps executives can share learnings and best practices while discussing the day-to-day challenges facing CFOs, treasury executives and treasury professionals.

FiREapps executives will be carrying on this tradition throughout 2018. Although we are finalizing our full schedule of presentations and events, our executives will be participating in several upcoming events.

Below is an overview of three upcoming industry conferences where FiREapps executives will take the stage and discuss key challenges facing treasury professionals:


TEXPO 2018

April 8-10, 2018

Dallas, TX

Aziz Samji, Global Markets Strategist with Kimberly-Clarke Corporation will join Andy Gage, FiREapps VP of Strategic Markets, to discuss the journey corporations take when transitioning from manual currency risk management programs – which leave them vulnerable to human error and global currency volatility – to fully automated programs, which rely on real-time data and advanced analytics to solve. Samji and Gage will share specific learnings uncovered when FiREapps helped Kimberly-Clarke modernize its FX program.


New England AFP 33rd Annual Conference

April 18-20, 2018

Boston, MA

Jeff Hynes, Assistant Treasurer at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. will co-present with Gage at this April event and walk session participants through the steps Alexion Pharmaceuticals took to fully-optimize its corporate currency risk management program. Together, they will explore the challenges the company faced, the solutions the collaborated on and the various, quantifiable results that followed Alexion’s decision to leverage the latest currency analytics and accurate, complete and timely data. Attendees will see how the modernized program enabled the treasury team to effectively reduce FX-related costs and risk.


Minnesota AFP 36th Annual Conference

April 24, 2018

St. Paul, MN

Jon Vincent, Senior Treasury Analyst with Tennant Company, and Neil Griffiths, FiREapps VP of Account Management, will share how Tennant cut their FX exposures by $25M. With market volatility escalating, Tennant, like many companies, realized it needed to be proactive in ensuring earnings were note being significantly impacted by currency headwinds. Tennant used advanced FX cost and risk analytics to identify internal FX-related issues, which enabled the treasury team to address the issues, improving internal processes and enhancing the company’s FX program. Those enhancements facilitated faster decision making and improved efficiencies, reducing VaR significantly.


Additional Opportunities to Hear from FiREapps

The presentations mark only the tip of the iceberg: FiREapps executives will be making appearances throughout the U.S. and Europe in 2018, discussing real-world challenges facing corporate treasury teams and steps they can take to address those challenges and mitigate FX risk.

You can stay abreast of all FiREapps conference appearances by visiting our Events page.



We look forward to seeing you this spring and throughout the year.