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Providing Small to Medium-sized Businesses with the Best in Currency Analytics

FiREapps was created to bring applicable industry best practices in FX risk management and world-class currency analytics solutions to all multinational companies dealing with FX and cash impacts – no matter the size.

Using a proven exposure & risk assessment methodology and a scalable cloud-based platform, FiREapps helps companies enhance their FX risk management program through automation. Generally, if you reduce risk you do not always reduce costs, but with FiREapps the amount of risk you reduce and money you save will outweigh any costs previously spent working to mitigate and manage exposure and risk.


FiREapps Aids Multinationals with:


Exposure Assessment

  • Develop a holistic understanding of your exposure
  • Drive more confidence in the accuracy of their exposure definition
  • Identify organic exposure reduction opportunities – not only reducing exposures but also reducing unnecessary and costly external hedge placement

Risk Assessment

  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your currency risk
  • Determine the cost/benefit of risk management alternatives
  • Identifying a risk management strategy
  • Reduce both cost and risk, instead of using costly methods to mitigate risk


After assessing exposure and risk, FiREapps aids companies in implementing risk management processes, evaluating variances and implementing corrective actions, and periodically assessing their strategy to scale to changing business conditions. This process helps companies facilitate more effective FX exposure and risk management.

FiREapps leads the FX industry, not only providing cloud-based solutions to companies but also using its extensive services and risk analysts to help corporations decipher what their program needs and map where they want to go. FiREapps goal continues to be aiding companies in the facilitation of FX risk management while reducing risk and costs.

A Note from FiREapps CEO

Corey Edens, FiREapps Chief Solutions Officer, and I started FiREapps after years of helping Fortune 100 companies think more in-depth about their foreign exchange risk and how to manage it. With a purpose of providing all multinationals – even those without large budgets or dedicated FX resources – with the same level of understanding of and visibility into the understanding of exposures and risk, FiREapps cloud-based technologies provide companies with solutions for balance sheet and cash flow.

Our hope is that by giving companies the access to the accurate, complete and timely data they need, they will be able to better manage their risk, place more effective hedges and ultimately reduce risk and costs.

Align Technology, Inc. is a great example of a company that was looking to revamp their FX program, and in doing so was able to determine an accurate balance sheet exposure definition and identify data errors generally caused by incorrect system setup or improper clearing of transactions in SAP.


Looking to start or enhance your FX risk management program? Check out FiREapps OnRamp Program to learn how FiREapps technology and proven expertise can help you better manage currency risk.