Professional Services Means Customer Success

By delivering SaaS-based FX analytics solutions, enhanced by a dedicated, results-oriented team of foreign exchange risk experts, FiREapps has built a reputation for excellence and a track record of proven results. We work closely with our customers to implement efficient processes, share best practices and facilitate customized training.

Our goal is to help customers gain knowledge and confidence, increase efficiency and predictability through automation, and maximize their use of all available FiREapps tools and technologies to drive measurable results. We continually communicate with customers to ensure our product roadmap is in line with their evolving business requirements and challenges.

quoteFiREapps Client Services are truly exceptional; not just because of their expertise, but because of the way they partner with you to share their knowledge and address your needs.testimonial_flir
Our Services

FiREapps provides a comprehensive array of value-added service offerings that leverage the FiREapps application to assist companies in achieving best practices, improved compliance and optimized foreign exchange management. Our Client Services team works with you to create an engagement structure specifically for you. While we generally provide services utilizing Web-conferencing technologies, we can offer premium on-site assistance where required or requested.

Standard Implementation Services and Customer Support



A FiREapps implementation realizes value very quickly with minimal effort from your Finance and IT staff.

Every implementation is an opportunity to build upon the best practices we have developed over years of working with corporate Finance professionals. We take a comprehensive approach that leverages technology while focusing on streamlining processes to achieve a solution that is robust and flexible enough to keep pace with your changing business landscape.


A Proven Methodology

Our proven methodology begins with an understanding of your specific goals and objectives, followed by a data-driven review and analysis of the flow of currencies throughout your business. Our rapid deployment model allows customers to efficiently aggregate data from ERP/accounting systems. Once a complete view of data is achieved, FiREapps provides a collaborative framework for Finance and accounting to define and model a view of foreign exchange exposure that maps to the company’s business operations and risk management policies.



The FiREapps mission is to ensure customer success in reducing the impact of Currency on their income statement. During implementation, we conduct end-user training phased over multiple sessions for maximum absorption and minimal time impact.

While training you to use the FiREapps solution, we help you interpret the data and formulate your analysis and reporting needs. For new personnel or as a refresher, in addition to the recorded training sessions, we offer packaged training sessions designed to address the basics, or more specific needs. Customers have also engaged us for training projects aimed at educating senior management and members of the board of directors.


Customer Support

FiREapps provides customer support over the lifecycle of your subscription. During and after implementation, you will have unlimited access to our customer portal, the FiREapps Support network, with documentation, FAQ’s, and a support ticket submission feature. We also encourage you to submit your needs and requests for new requirements and product enhancements.

Premium Services


Straight-Through Process/Workflow and Integration Design and Execution

Because of the unique position that the FiREapps solution holds within an automated Finance environment, our professional services team can architect system workflows and data flows to leverage each component system and data source and maximize operational and trading efficiency gains.

Whether you are establishing a new system, or seeking to automate existing manual processes, FiREapps can help to ensure optimal workflow and data flow to achieve maximum risk reduction results within the parameters of your overall Currency program and policy.


Multi-Currency Data Integrity Analysis

FiREapps solutions help Finance/Accounting organizations achieve confidence in their multi-currency data, ensuring proper remeasurement that leads to a complete and accurate exposure calculation. FiREapps Professional Services offers a methodology and related services to provide a structured analysis of multi-currency accounting data, illustrating your:

  • Remeasurement configuration and processes highlighting what is being remeasured relative to an independent determination
  • Transaction currency and Currency gain/loss data integrity analysis underscoring the sources of data issues
  • Data analysis segmented to focus management policy development
Beyond identification of potential problems, FiREapps provides you with a roadmap to data cleanup and process improvements to prevent data integrity issues and monitor future postings.

Custom Projects

We have performed myriad professional services to help customers achieve their goals; here are brief descriptions of some examples. We welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to make your challenges become your next achievement.

  • During ERP upgrades or implementations, review and provide guidance on multi-currency configurations and procedures to ensure future success in Currency management
  • Provide data analysis and decision support options to explore possible policy parameters for external hedging
  • To evaluate hedging program alternatives, structure “phantom” hedging programs by configuring alternative decision scenarios and tracking the results on a pro- forma basis. These reports can be used to evaluate alternative procedures and tolerances and for presentation to management and boards for policy decisions, goal setting and measurement emphasis.

Risk Management Efficiency and Effectiveness Assessment

In keeping with our mission to maximize customer value in their use of the FiREapps application, this set of services starts with a conversation about how well your current Currency strategy aligns with your evolving business operations. Based on the insight gained from this conversation, FiREapps Risk Analysts work with you to look for opportunities to further increase efficiency and maximize the return on your risk management efforts.

Recommendations from our team may range from training tips to enhance your utilization of existing FiREapps application capabilities, to a more in-depth assessment of Currency program effectiveness and contributions to Currency gain/loss variance.

Other efficiencies may be derived from a full workflow review to identify opportunities to further automate and refine existing processes, or by leveraging FiREapps extensible architecture to interact with other systems, driving efficiency gains and cost savings. You can include a Cost and Risk Efficiency (CoRE™) Analysis, described below, a quantitative benchmarking of exposure, risk, hedge effectiveness, and cost savings opportunities.


Core Analysis™

FiREapps calculates your company’s current Currency exposure and risk and produces a Cost and Risk Efficiency (CoRE™) Analysis that quantifies your current exposure, determines the potential impact to earnings based on a value at Risk (VaR) calculation, and provides specific recommendations to further reduce your risk and costs.
The FiREapps CoRE Analysis can help your organization achieve the following goals:

  • Identification and quantification of your existing balance sheet and/or revenue and expense exposures and risk, and visibility to their sources
  • A concise overview of potential risk reduction, in accordance with the company’s risk tolerance
  • Recommendations to balance risk reduction and associated costs, resulting in optimized Currency gain/loss results
FiREapps generates a cost-benefit efficiency graph (the CoRE Curve™) so that realizable risk and cost reduction scenarios are easy to identify and execute, relative to the current benchmarked position.
quoteOur team has been very impressed with FiREapps and how it has gone with the implementation…it has gone very much as advertised, which is nicely unusual for a systems vendor.
Brent Callinicos, Vice President & Treasurer at Google, Inc.

Customer Success

The FiREapps client services team has helped companies in a wide range of industries to define goals, establish processes and demonstrate measurable improvements in the Currency risk management results. The following table highlights some examples of customer challenges and FiREapps solutions that leverage our company’s technology and expertise.

Customer Challenges FiREapps Solutions & Services
Building confidence in a new Currency program
“We needed to protect ourselves from currency volatility, but lacked the confidence to act. We needed greater visibility and understanding of our Currency exposure.”
Lack of visibility to ERP data

Acquisition of international subsidiary with another ERP system and additional exposure

Not hedging but want to hedge risks in balance sheet

Immediate visibility to data in core system and subsidiary system

Data Integrity Analysis led by FA Risk Analyst uncovered multi-currency posting issues and data discrepancies

Business changes to reduce exposure through internal actions

“Phantom” hedging followed by phased hedging of currencies in order of maximum risk reduction

Workflow and management reporting package design and implementation

Visibility and analysis platform to build confidence in risk management decisions

Sophisticated, but manual process. Wanted STP
“In everything we do, we strive to be better, faster and cheaper. We knew we could achieve even better Currency results if we could get our existing systems to interact seamlessly.”
Sophisticated, but highly manual, forecasting process

Internal systems were static and quickly obsolete

Implementing other best-of- breed systems with desire to achieve automated STP

Control IT costs

Automated straight-through process for managing B/S and C/F exposure with FiREapps as a cornerstone connecting to ERP, treasury and trading platforms

Transparency to risk sources from top to bottom on income statement

Operational efficiency from automated forecast derivation, decision support framework and trade management

Increased flexibility for dynamic business environment

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Apply technology to existing Balance Sheet and Cash Flow program
“Our spreadsheet-driven Currency exposure calculation and management processes were not able to scale to meet the needs of our growing, dynamic organization”
Spreadsheet-driven labor-intensive process for both B/S and C/F data

Internally built extracts required constant maintenance and update

No visibility to errors and legacy currency data in general ledger

Hedge coverage of less than 50% on 4-5 currencies only

Visibility to Oracle exposure data within days

Hedging 40 currency pairs at more than 98% coverage

Remaining 60 pairs do not require external contracts due to FiREapps-revealed natural/internal currency actions

One week of labor reduced to 4-5 hours allowing for more frequent analysis and hedge adjustments

Matches budget rate by same or one day difference avoiding rate volatility

Daily, decentralized management without global visibility

“Currency volatility was threatening our operating margins; we needed a more precise and more reliable process to ensure predictability in our financial results.”
Pricing methodology based on Currency rates and inventory natural hedge to attempt to protect very slim operating margin

Daily, decentralized exposure management

Inconsistent Currency exposure calculations in 12 regions

≈200 hours weekly spent in the regions gathering data and calculating exposure

$31 million unexplained Currency loss

Ability to view exposure daily in decentralized or centralized economic view

Visibility to monetary assets and liabilities and inventory data from SAP and data warehouse

Reduced Currency risk from visibility to exposure sources and ability to take immediate actions

Consistent exposure definition in all regions 65% reduction of time spent

Supports strategic move toward centralizing operations to reduce risk further and reduce hedging costs

quoteWe focused on vendors with specific Currency expertise who could provide us with the focus and unique demands that Currency has.
Dawnette Blake, FX & Pensions Manager at Agilent Technologies

Our People

FiREapps Professional Services Team has a combined 130+ years experience and expertise to help you get the data flowing. At the core of every FiREapps Client Services team member is an understanding of foreign exchange markets and corporate Finance, and experience solving challenges to achieve an optimal Currency management program.

We hire people with varied backgrounds to create a comprehensive team and a multi-disciplinary strategy. Our team’s capabilities and expertise includes:

We operate our business with customer needs and service as our core values. This translates into a team that a goes above and beyond tasks and milestones to ensure customer objectives are met. Customers regularly cite their appreciation of our people and their ability to produce results. We have earned a reputation for excellence and we will maintain our customers’ trust and esteem.
Your Results

FiREapps has the passion and experience to implement proven processes forming the foundation of your sustainable solution. We have been “in the shoes” of our customers and we apply our expertise and experience to produce measureable results for our customers.

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