Bespoke ECM Solutions, Training & Support

FiREapps enterprise currency management (ECM) solutions, combined with world-class expertise and services, provides customers with rapid time to value and personal attention. FiREapps works closely with its customers to implement efficient processes, share best practices and facilitate customized training.


Through a unique combination of cloud-based exposure analytics and pragmatic, proven advisory support, multinational companies can achieve quick wins and be assured they are building an FX program with a solid, tailored foundation to fit their needs.

OnRamp enables companies to:

  • Rapidly define and calculate exposure
  • Identify opportunities to eliminate unnecessary exposure organically
  • Develop a bespoke approach to managing FX exposure that is perfectly aligned with the executive team’s risk tolerance


With more than 15 years in the ECM business, FiREapps has helped define and deliver currency management approaches for more than 100 companies, all while addressing each organization’s unique set of challenges and needs.

FiREapps has experience helping companies:

  • Replace homegrown spreadsheet-based processes
  • Automate exposure aggregation from multiple ERP systems
  • Facilitate end-to-end automation
  • Implement straight-through processing integration with trading platforms and treasury management systems

FiREapps enrollment methodology ensures client requirements are clearly defined and successfully implemented with the help of FiREapps client services team’s deep domain experience, automated deployment tools and ready-made best practices process templates and integration toolkits – all to help clients see results and achieve rapid ROI.

During enrollment, clients can expect:

  • A series of comprehensive, tailored training sessions
  • An easy transition for new users
  • Process documentation to ease internal and external audit compliance

Designed to help treasury and finance teams realize the full potential of their bespoke ECM solutions, FiREapps training services help:

  • Train new users
  • Deliver a deeper understanding of how to utilize the ECM solutions
  • Teach the ins and outs of new features and capabilities
  • Refresh users on functionality


Trust your data. Establish confidence in your currency management program.

To combat the difficulties of facilitating multi-currency accounting and proper setup of ERP systems for remeasurement of monetary asset and liability accounts, FiREapps client services team empowers organizations with the technology needed to:

  • Quickly identify problematic account
  • Assess the integrity of remeasurement processes
  • Ensure results are being reflected in the proper FX Gain/Loss accounts

FiREapps client services team then addresses the areas of concern post assessment to help organizations understand the root of the problems and develop a pragmatic plan to remedy them.


With years of experience in designing currency management and reporting solutions, FiREapps client services team designs and develops bespoke ECM solutions to fit client needs using FiREapps Data Hub and FiREapps BI technology.

Client Services can customize:

  • Dashboards
  • Analytics
  • Reports


FiREapps takes the time to learn about a company’s business and enterprise currency management challenges, aspirations and goals.

For more than 15 years, FiREapps Best Practices Advisory has offered companies a variety of services to tackle program challenges, including:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Support
  • FX Gain/Loss Accounting & Validation
  • FX Process Review & Optimization Opportunity Assessment
  • Divestiture Support
  • FX Hedging Cost & Risk Efficiency Analysis
  • Intercompany FX Impact Assessment
  • FX Policy Review


FiREapps provides a comprehensive set of customer support options.

In addition to FiREapps telephone support, the FiREapps Support Network is a resource where clients can access:

  • FAQs
  • Online Documentation
  • Recorded Training Videos

Additionally, clients can interact with FiREapps support and product management teams to submit enhancement requests.

FiREapps support is supplemented by internal technology and operations teams, allowing for constant monitoring of the cloud services infrastructure so that any problems of performance issues can quickly be resolved.

At the core of every FiREapps client services team member is a deep understanding of FX markets and corporate treasury, and experience solving challenges to achieve an optimal FX risk management program.

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