Insight to All Things Currency and Treasury Management

As we have previously mentioned, access to accurate, complete and timely data is one of the biggest FX risk management challenges for corporations. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

By leveraging enterprise currency management (ECM) solutions with best-in-class data aggregation techniques, it is easy for organizations to have a complete view of their global- and entity-level exposures and to make better decisions, place more accurate hedge ratios and ultimately successfully mitigate FX risk.

At FiREapps, we understand that some of the most important data an organization has is housed in their ERP system but gaining access to that underlying exposure data can be difficult.

To best serve the needs of organizations and to provide them with accurate, complete and timely data, FiREapps has invested significant time and resources since its inception to facilitate direct data aggregation from ERP systems. We offer certified toolkits, queries and numerous data specifications for creating reports from other source systems to facilitate automated data extraction and FiREapps ERP extract toolkits for SAP and Oracle are the only certified solutions in the industry.


An SAP Silver Partner, FiREapps has and continues to work alongside the most advance SAP solutions to automatically extract data for organizations as 56 percent of our client base uses at least one instance of SAP.

56 percent of our client base uses at least one instance of SAP

Committed to working with SAP and other ERP systems to ensure FiREapps queries and extracts are certified, FiREapps continues to have the only certified solutions in the marketplace that truly deliver underlying account balance data via automatic straight-through processing (STP) to organizations.

Complete, Accurate Data Capture

FiREapps understands how systems are architected, how data is stored and how to holistically aggregate balances to create a comprehensive exposure definition and flexible reporting for treasury.

Whether you are collecting balance sheet data from a single ERP system or multiple instances of various ERPs, FiREapps provides a comprehensive single view of currency data so you can easily explain your exposure and/or take action to reduce risk.