Rapid Response Analytics

FiREapps Rapid Response Analytics solution enables multinational companies to rapidly deploy comprehensive currency exposure analytics.

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Rapid Response Analytics
Rapid Response Analytics for Balance Sheet

Quick Insight Into Global B/S Exposures

Focus on key exposures where ripple effects may be showing up.

Comprehensive View of B/S Hedge Coverage

Clearly identify and communicate overall hedge coverage in chart or tabular views across currency pairs, entity and more.

Quantify Overall Loss On-Demand With Intra-Period FX G/L

Perform a quick intra-period FX Gain/Loss analysis on demand to understand the impact as if books were to close at the current market rates.

What-If Analyses Quickly Forecast The Impact of Further Movement on the Balance Sheet

Especially critical for planning what to do next post-crisis, you can load in multiple rate sets to perform shock and sensitivity analysis.

Rapid Response Analytics for P&L

Quick Insight Into Forecasted And Actual P&L Exposures:

Leverage the P&L Exposure analytics to get rapid insight into your global exposures comprising your revenues and expenses.

Determine Current Variance from Plan Based on Actuals and Current Rates

Clearly identify and communicate overall deviation from forecast, on demand.

Perform Shock Analysis to Forecast Impact of Additional Movement

Leverage the P&L variance analytics to get rapid insight into what your global exposures will look like with further moves in key currencies.