FiREapps for Income Statement™

Driving Corporate Currency Awareness for Treasury and FP&A Forecasts

Drive Analytical Value to
Cash Flow Programs
Orchestrate Full Currency Awareness and Better Decision Making
Develop Better Revenue and Expense Forecasts Using Actual Data

Capture, analyze, monitor and benchmark your currency exposure with FiREapps for Income Statement

Robust Currency Analytics for Exposure Benchmarking

FiREapps comprehensive analytics deliver the time and insight multinational corporations need to make strategic risk mitigating decisions. Analysis of account balances and exposures, FX Gain/Loss and FX rate changes drives a quick understanding of FX impacts and the underlying sources, allowing treasury professionals to spend more time analyzing exposures.

Currency Data Collection & Consolidation

Dynamic and comprehensive data integration allows for data to be uploaded from additional custom sources and extracted directly from ERP systems. After exposures are collected, they are then systematically consolidated into a single income statement hierarchy.

FX Exposure Analysis & Reporting

FiREapps for Income Statement provides individual and multiperiod analytics for monthly, quarterly and annual comparisons and graphically models exposure and risk with user defined reporting preferences.


Download the FiREapps for Income Statement overview to learn how you can better understand and manage your corporate risk while reducing program costs.