FiREapps for Balance Sheet™

Measure, Monitor, Manage Currency Exposure and Risk


  • Manage Earnings Per Share @ Risk
  • Increase exposure identification
  • Reduce Program Costs
  • Drive Corporate Efficiency
  • Reduce FX Risk
  • Improve Foreign Exchange Hedging Program
Manage EPS @ Risk
to $0.01
Reduce Net Corporate
FX Risk Up To 50%

A Streamlined Solution for FX Risk Management

Designed for multinational companies of all sizes, FiREapps for Balance Sheet improves financial results and reduces earnings per share at risk.

Increase exposure identification and improve your hedging program through:

  • User defined risk reporting
  • Technology enabled risk reduction
  • End-to-end workflow automation

Accurate, Complete & Timely Currency Data

FiREapps ERP data extraction toolkits mine data from major ERP systems:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • JD Edwards
  • PeopleSoft

Automated data collection ensures data accuracy and provides visibility into transactional currency balances.

Comprehensive FX Exposure Analysis & Reporting

FiREapps for Balance Sheet allows users to drill down into underlying account data:

  • Shows changes in balances and exposures
  • Detailed trend reporting
  • In-depth scenario testing

Automated End-to-End Data Collection

The application enables optimized organic exposure elimination and simplifies the hedging process:

  • Applies preset parameters to hedge recommendations
  • Review and approvals before secure STP to trading platforms or treasury workstations

Take the first step in reducing currency impacts on your bottom line