Insight to All Things Currency and Treasury Management

We love our job here at FiREapps and, like anyone who’s passionate about what they do, we make it a point to follow the top treasury publications to stay on top of the latest in our space. For us, that means continually immersing ourselves in all things corporate currency related, from technology to the latest trends to data analysis.

Beyond the excellent conversations we have with finance teams every day, to keep up with the ever-evolving corporate currency environment, we are definitely avid readers.

As a fintech company, some of our top reads will come as no surprise:

However, there are also quite a few (maybe not quite as well-known) publications that have definitely landed their way on our regular reading list. Take a look:

    • Treasury & Risk
      Targeted to finance, treasury, and risk management professionals. Heavy on practical analysis and advice.


    • Treasury Management International
      Print and online publication targeted to practitioners, including both treasurers and CFOs. Heavy on practical advice based on real-life treasury management experiences and case studies.


    • iTreasurer
      Print and online publication delivered monthly by The NeuGroup. Heavy on strategic advice, based on insights from senior treasury executives at leading companies across the globe – gathered through the peer groups of The NeuGroup Network.


    • Treasury Today
      UK-based print and online publication. Includes editorial commentary on issues impacting treasury, independent research and analysis into treasury topics. Also offers corporate treasury benchmarking studies.


    • AFP Exchange
      Print and online publication delivered by the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP). Targeted to a broad range of finance professionals. Includes guest expert commentary as well as editorial commentary and independent analysis.


    • gtnews
      UK-based online publication targeted to treasury, finance, payments, and cash management professionals. Heavy on guest expert commentary on key issues facing treasury and finance professionals.


    • Global Finance
      Online and print publication broadly targeted to corporate finance leaders, bankers and investors. Heavy on macro-level analysis and editorial commentary.


    • Risk
      UK-based online publication heavy on news and editorial analysis. Topics include risk management, derivatives, regulation, commodities, and asset management.


    • Zero Hedge
      Non-traditional, sometimes irreverent, heavy on opinion. Delivers interesting perspectives you might not get elsewhere and, if nothing else, an entertaining read.


    • CFO Insights
      A bi-weekly thought leadership series from Deloitte. Targeted to CFOs and other finance executives. Centered around Deloitte’s perspectives on the challenges finance leaders face.


    • MarketPulse
      Online publication offers forex, commodities and global indices analysis. The site discusses major economic trends, technical analysis, and worldwide events. Though the site is targeted to traders, it offers a good read on what’s going on in the currency markets.



    • MarketWatch
      Online publication delivering up-to-the-minute news on global markets. A great place to read analysis on corporate earnings reports.

What’s on your list? Did we miss one of your go-to publications? Tell us about your recommended reads in the comments below.