Gain Insight into the Origin of FX Impacts


Isolate and analyze the source of unexpected results in a daily or single rate environment.

FiREapps FX Gain/Loss Analytics, powered by FiREapps business intelligence technology (FiREappsBI™) provides rapid insights into the impact of FX gains and losses.
With solutions for daily and single rate environments, FiREapps FX Gain/Loss Analytics empower treasury to minimize future FX impacts to financial statements and swiftly respond to FP&A and CFO questions.


  • Calculate the impacts of rate changes in exposures
  • Quickly identify impacts that surpass materiality thresholds
  • Pinpoint accounting or posting issues that were the source of FX impacts

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To learn more about how FiREapps FX Gain/Loss Analytics solutions can help your company calculate the impacts of rate changes in exposure and uncover accounting or posting issues that resulted in FX impacts, contact us for a one-on-one presentation of the webinar.


Streamlined, period-end attribution analysis.

FiREapps pulls together disparate data sources to drive a quick, insightful analysis of the true gain/loss.
These data sources can include hedges, beginning and ending period balance sheet exposure data, rates and ERP FX gain/loss account data.
FiREapps insightful analyses break out across:

  • Realized FX Gain/Loss associated with clearing multicurrency transactions
  • Unrealized FX Gain/Loss resulting from the remeasurement process
  • Mark-to-Market Hedge Results based on TMS hedge data showing both spot and forward points
  • Forecast Error compares the expected hedging outcome to period-end actuals in order to understand forecast deviations
  • Trade Delay isolates the amount of gain/loss attributable to hedging at a different rate than forecasted
  • Unhedged Exposure identifies the portion of underlying exposure not offset by a hedge position
  • Other Variance indicates the portion of FX gain/loss results that are likely the result of potential accounting problems, such as backdated of transactions, system overridden FX rates or other ERP system accounting-related posting issues


Download the FiREapps FX Gain/Loss Analytics solution brief to learn how your organization can leverage FiREapps Data Hub™ and FiREappsBI™ to effectively analyze FX and pinpoint the origin of impacts.