FiREapps Currency Analytics™

Global Treasury Teams rely on FiREapps’ market-leading Currency Analytics™ to uncover, analyze and manage currency exposure at the scale and pace of their multinational operations.

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FiREapp Currency Analytics a Dynamic Currency Solution
FiREapps Currency Analytics™
Multinational companies across the globe use FiREapps Currency Analytics™ to harness intelligence locked up in their financial data and gain insight into their currency exposure and risk. FiREapps Currency Analytics™ combine the power of our analytical engine, FiREapps FlexEngine™ with the ease of use of our web-based platform and template based data upload-making it the most powerful plug-and-play Currency analytics solution on the market.

Whether you are trying to build an Currency program from scratch like Yahoo! or are simply looking for a way to get started on optimizing your process, FiREapps Currency Analytics™ is the smart first step—providing the perfect foundation for future growth.

FiREapps FlexEngine
FiREapps TestimonialThe thing that really stood out immediately was that system allowed us, by drilling down to the information, to understand what was causing complexity in our processes, and finding out that much of it was self-created.”
Tim Winston, VP and Treasurer, Paxar

The Power of “plug-and-play”

FiREapps Currency Analytics™ is the solution that you can use out-of-the box, with the data you already have. Using a robust template-based data capture, teams upload data from all accounting and reporting systems (in most cases from across the globe) and FiREapps handles the rest.

FiREapps stores, processes and enriches your data, creating currency pairs, deriving relationships and framing your currency data in the context of your business. With the functionality included in FiREapps Currency Analytics™ you can calculate and analyze your currency exposure and risk across a number of dimensions* including:


Consolidated, Entity, Line of Business, Geography etc.

Exposure Source:

Account Group, Account, Transactional Flow, Revenue, Expense, Cash, A/R, A/P, Intercompany Trade and Loans etc.


Balance sheet exposures based actuals and/or forecasts, Multi-period currency flow forecast, Historical trend analysis (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual), Forecast/Budget to Actual

* Analysis FiREapps can generate is dictated by the depth/breadth of data available

FiREapps TestimonialWe wouldn’t change anything about our Currency program evolution. Understand your exposure with FiREapps first.”
Amanda Butler, Senior Manager Corporate Treasury, Yahoo!

Generate Quick Wins, Now

From the moment your data enters the FiREapps application everything is drag, drop and click. No more digging through excel sheets and backtracking through pivot tables to examine the underlying logic or find an errant balance.

FiREapps Currency Analytics™ is intentionally designed to help you generate “quick wins” through immediate optimization and automation of many of the most cumbersome steps of your Currency exposure management process.

The Right Starting Point

Many of our clients look at our Currency Analytics™ package as a smart starting point for building or retooling their Currency management program. In fact, we often see clients start out on our Currency Analytics™ package to knock out the “quick wins first” and build momentum towards a larger upgrade.

Flexible, Comprehensive Analytics

With FiREapps, you spend more time analyzing your currency flows and exposures without the burden of worrying about aggregating or validating your data. You will be able to ask and answer new questions that you haven’t had the time or data to answer in the past…

Summary-level exposure views on a consolidated and entity level basis with drill down into account level or currency flow details

Period-over-period analysis of actual and forecasted exposure and risk
Customizable multi-period flow and exposure forecast views
Trend analysis of actuals and forecasted account balances and exposures
Exposure Flex Analysis leverages FiREapps’ FlexEngine™ enabling on the fly creation of pivotstyle and graphical analytical views for one or more data sets based on user definable dimensions
Currency Gain/Loss and Exposure Variance Analysis enables you to identify and examine Currency impacts and the underlying sources of gains/losses and variances. FiREapps Variance Analysis can help you quickly identify whether Currency impacts where a result of volume changes and/or Currency rate changes

How Customers Used and Benefited from FiREapps Currency Analytics™

Paxar Corporation Case Study

Using FiREapps, Paxar was able to aggregate Currency data across their entire enterprise in one week, and produce executive-level reports and analysis in its first week of production to begin reducing costs and improving the efficacy of the company’s hedging program. By providing greater visibility and understanding of the data and processes, and improved collaboration among the various departments and personnel needed to gather and analyze their Currency exposure data, FiREapps now provides Paxar with an automated, institutionalized process that ensures earnings predictability and on-going cost savings.

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