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Quickly Move Toward Currency Predictability With A Dynamic Solution That Keeps Pace With Your Business. FiREapps Currency Analytics Pro™ Delivers Answers When You Need Them.

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FiREapp Currency Analytics Pro a Dynamic Currency Solution
FiREapps Currency Analytics Pro™
FiREapps Award Winning Currency Analytics Pro™ combines best in class, easy to use web-based Currency exposure and risk analytics with automated exposure aggregation to enable treasury teams to gain indepth and unparalleled insights into their Currency exposures. It is the foundation of corporate Currency exposure management programs for a wide cross section of companies including Cabot Corporation, Plantronics, Hubbell Incorporated and FLIR Systems to name just a few.

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The Data You Need at Your Finger Tips

Whether you are interested in examining actual exposures and balances based on data from your ERP system(s); modeling forecasted cash flows and exposures supplied by business unit finance resources; incorporating hedge data from your Treasury Management System; or using multiple Currency rate sets for what-if analysis, FiREapps Currency Analytics Pro™ leverages the FiREapps FlexEngine™ and FiREapps’ data management services to aggregate and normalize your data. This means that you can simply pick and choose what you want to analyze based on the questions you need to answer and forget about manually parsing through different sets of data for each analysis.

Designed Specifically For:

Finance professionals looking to start or upgrade an Currency program, eliminate dependency on spreadsheets and automate manual processes.

FiREapps Currency Analytics Pro

However you need to model exposure: FiREapps can get you there…

The intuitive and flexible FiREapps analytic environment makes it easy for users to craft insightful
views of their exposure. Using FiREapps, you can calculate and analyze your currency exposure and
risk across a number of dimensions including:


Consolidated, Entity, Line of Business, Geography etc.

Exposure Source:

Account Group, Account, Transactional Flow, Revenue, Expense, Cash, A/R, A/P, Intercompany Trade and Loans etc.


Balance sheet exposures based actuals and/or forecasts, Multi-period currency flow forecast, Historical trend analysis (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual), Forecast/Budget to Actual
FiREapps TestimonialFiREapps analytics and reports provide a single truth for understanding exposures at the account and entity levels, enabling corporate treasury to work with regional controllers to investigate the root causes of exposures, improve processes and mitigate
 risk across
 geographies and divisions.FLIR

Flexible, Comprehensive Analytics

With FiREapps, you spend more time analyzing your currency flows and exposures without the burden of worrying about aggregating or validating your data. You will be able to ask and answer new questions that you haven’t had the time or data to answer in the past…

Summary-level exposure views on a consolidated and entity level basis with drill down into account level or currency flow details

Period-over-period analysis of actual and forecasted exposure and risk
Customizable multi-period flow and exposure forecast views
Trend analysis of actuals and forecasted account balances and exposures
Exposure Flex Analysis leverages FiREapps’ FlexEngine™ enabling on the fly creation of pivotstyle and graphical analytical views for one or more data sets based on user definable dimensions
Currency Gain/Loss and Exposure Variance Analysis enables you to identify and examine Currency impacts and the underlying sources of gains/losses and variances. FiREapps Variance Analysis can help you quickly identify whether Currency impacts where a result of volume changes and/or Currency rate changes

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