Extract 3 Empowers SAP Users to Better Identify FX Risk

FiREapps Extract 3.0 enables treasury professionals to automatically extract and aggregate account balances from SAP to thoroughly analyze FX exposure and risk within the FiREapps cloud-based solutions.
  • Rapid deployment and enrollment provided through FiREapps Client Services
  • Can be run on-demand or scheduled with automatic, secure upload to FiREapps
  • Parameters and diagnostics enable fine-tuning of extract content and performance
  • Produces extract files in FiREapps-ready format for automated and on-demand uploads
  • Flexible approach to reporting balances and reviewing output results

The FiREapps Extract 3.0 is an ABAP program that generates an output file from the SAP general ledger life-to-date balances for all general ledger balance sheet accounts and open items. Balances are summarized by company, account, document currency and trading partner.

  • Once deployed, users will navigate to the FiREapps program in SAP to select a variant or enter customizable variant parameters.
  • FiREapps Extract 3 can be run in the foreground or background with output sent to the ALV or spooled for later download.
  • Once completed, the user can download the resulting file to their desktop, login to FiREapps and upload the file to their client staging area in preparation for exposure analysis.
  • The files created by FiREapps Extract 3 can be securely uploaded using both manual and automatic methods.

Minimum Systems Requirements
SAP R/3 4/6c, 4.7, ECC 5.0 or ECC 6.0
SAP Qualifications
Integrations Scenario and Version: ABAP 7.0ABAP add-on for SAP NetWeaver Application
Interface Software Name: Interface for FiREapps Extract. (Rel. 3)
Date: 17 October 2014