Insight to All Things Currency and Treasury Management

FiREapps’ newest product, FiREapps for Cash Flow™, is a cloud-based solution designed to streamline the often cumbersome workflow processes and data management challenges treasury professionals negotiate when forecasting and hedging future cash flows. Combining FiREapps’ currency-data expertise with an end-to-end approval workflow process is revolutionizing the way global organizations manage their cash flow forecasting and resulting exposure management.

With FiREapps for Cash Flow, organizations have the ability to:

  • Effectively manage the entire workflow process
  • Streamline multi-source forecast capture, consolidation and review
  • Perform flexible exposure analysis with historical trending
  • Automate recommended hedging actions in alignment with policies, allowing discretionary overrides
  • Maintain full auditability of each change in the forecast and every step of the workflow

This release of FiREapps for Cash flow is one of several planned releases for FiREapps product lines in 2017. By employing an agile workflow development process and fostering a climate where client input and feedback is paramount, FiREapps ensures that each product roadmap is individually tailored and reflects client and market needs. FiREapps makes client and prospective client contact a priority, ensuring their input shapes the development of all solutions and subsequent enhancements for future releases.

Learn more about how FiREapps for Cash Flow can help your organization revolutionize their cash flow exposure forecasting process.