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In 2012, U.S.-based multinational corporations lost $50 billion in revenue because of unmitigated currency volatility.

As part of FiREapps’ ongoing effort to provide insight into how currency affects corporations, we have analyzed the earnings calls of a subset of the Fortune 2000 companies that have at least 15 percent or more international revenues in at least two currencies. The numbers we reveal here are top-line impacts reported during fourth quarter earnings calls by companies within that subset.Key findings recap


  • ŸIn the fourth quarter of 2012, 230 companies reported a negative revenue impact from currency fluctuations, a nearly three-fold increase over 2011Q4.
  • ŸOf those 230, 109 companies quantified an impact; in aggregate the negative currency-related revenue impact was $4.2 billion in the fourth quarter of 2012, a nearly 5-fold increase from a year earlier.
  • The 109 companies that quantified a negative currency impact faced an average headwind of 1.14 percent.


  • In 2011 the total net currency impact was positive, just over $21 billion. In 2012, the total net currency impact was negative, $50 billion. The net reduction in top-line revenue associated with currency impacts, then, was more than $70 billion over the two years.
  • In total dollar terms we begin to see a sustained shift toward currency headwinds in the fourth quarter of 2011, with net negative currency impacts through the end of 2012.
  • The drivers of currency headwinds have changed since 2011. Before, impacts came largely from a single currency. Now, they’re coming from a range of currencies in different parts of the world. This represents a trend that we expect to continue.

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