FiREapps ECM Platform

Data-driven, Cloud-based, Business Intelligence Infused Currency Analytics

Multinational organizations are constantly transacting and accounting for business activities in multiple currencies, but the accounting systems they use do not necessarily provide the appropriate context for treasury and finance professionals to understand the true impact those currencies are having on their financial performance.
FiREapps has committed itself to providing multinationals with scalable, adaptable and extensible currency analytics solutions to give insight into underlying ERP data, lower costs associated with risk management, increase the reliability of financial results and help the CEO and CFO properly manage external stakeholder expectations.

In order to achieve this mission, the FiREapps Currency Analytics Platform is built and developed using the latest technology and sets the standard for industry best practices.


The basis for currency management success, FiREapps Data Hub is the foundation of the FiREapps currency analytics platform and simplifies the ingestion, transformation, storage and transfer of enterprise currency data.

FiREapps Data Hub:

  • Aggregates and stores accounting and transactional data from ERP systems
  • Collects and stores planning and budget data from planning systems
  • Maps disparate data sources into rationalized currency data views
  • Applies business rules and logic to enable purpose-driven analyses and workflows
  • Facilitates frictionless routing and transfer of data to other systems (treasury management systems, trading platforms, corporate finance dashboard applications)

A next-generation data-processing environment, the FiREapps Data Hub is scalable and adaptable – able to process mass amounts of data in a matter of minutes to perform in-depth, transaction level analyses.


FiREappsBI graphically represents the quality of data, empowering treasury with the visualization they need to detect variances and continually assess and manage how currencies are impacting financial performance. This allows for finance and treasury teams to strategically address areas of difficulty and to amend and enhance processes.

World-class Business Intelligence

FiREappsBI’s market-leading business intelligence technology provides end users with an array of dashboards and intuitive, cloud-based analytics and decision support solutions.

Sophisticated Visualization

Off the shelf dashboards and bespoke analytics – based on FiREapps domain expertise and client/partner input – transforms complex data into actionable insights.

Interactive Dashboards & Analysis

Quickly navigate between views – from summary views of corporate consolidated currency information to detailed drill-downs to specific G/L accounts or transaction postings.


FiREapps plays well with others, providing connectivity to other systems to enable a truly end-to-end, automated workflow.

FiREapps suite of integration solutions make it easy to capture and send data to other systems and processes with: