Currency Analytics

Revenue & Expense

Global Finance and Treasury Teams rely on FiREapps’ market leading Currency Analytics™ to analyze and manage currency impact at the scale and pace of their multinational operations.

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Currency Analytics Revenue & Expense
Currency Analytics: Revenue & Expense
Gaining a clear understanding of how currencies impact your company’s financial results is hard enough. Not to mention the fact that the reports Finance and Accounting use from ERP systems and Consolidation systems lack the detail required to tell a comprehensive story.

Based on FiREapps’ unique “bottoms-up” approach to capturing transaction currency detail from accounting systems, FiREapps Revenue and Expense Currency Analytics equip global Finance and Accounting teams with the in-depth insight they require to understand the currencies they are conducting business in and their variance period-over-period and against forecasts and budgets.

Revenue and Expense Currency Detail Analytics

Enable a thorough understanding of the specific transaction currencies that revenues and expenses are being transacted in

Revenue and Expense Currency Trend Analysis

Provides tabular and graphical trend analysis across a variety of organizational and currency flow dimensions

Period-Over-Period Delta Analysis

Enables month over month, quarter over quarter and year over year comparisons of actual currency flows through the income statement

Volume and Rate Impact Analysis

Provides a rapid and detailed suite of analytical views that identify the impact of volume and FX rate changes across a variety of currency and organizational dimensions

Budget to Actual Variance Analysis

Enables the comparison of budgets and plans against actual revenue and expense currency flows to highlight budget to actual variances and improve the ability to incorporate currency detail into budgeting and forecasting processes