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On Thursday, April 26, 2018, eight teams made their stock draft picks for CNBC’s Power Lunch 2018 Stock Draft Championship.  FiREapps CEO, Wolfgang Koester, teamed up with former NFL kicker Nick Lowery to take their shot at becoming the 2018 Stock Draft champions.

Koester, serving as team Nick the Kick’s Pix “defensive coordinator”, and Nick Lowery made the seventh pick in each of the three rounds.

First-round Draft Pick: Amazon (AMZN)

Lowery and Koester picked Amazon as their first-round draft pick, stating the EPS and lack of currency surprises as two main reasons for their choice.

“Amazon is having a bit of a buyback,” Lowery said. “Amazon is rewriting the rules in the way Sean McVay in one year took the Rams and turned them around.”

Lowery and Koester see Amazon as a good pick as the company continues to cannibalize the market and be an advertising leader.

Second-round Draft Pick: Goldman Sachs (GS)

Deemed a “brilliant pick” – equivalent to a 70-yard field goal – by The Street Founder and Mad Money Host, Jim Cramer, Lowery and Koester chose Goldman Sachs as their second-round pick.

Market volatility and the possible rise in interest rates from the Fed made this pick a no-brainer for team Nick the Kick’s Pix.

“We think it’s the right thing looking at the market in the next six months,” Lowery said.

Comparing the stock to Nick Foles, the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl-winning quarterback, the pair seesthe stock coming back.

“Rising interest rates will benefit them [Goldman Sachs],” said Koester. “They are very well leveraged and positioned to take on interest rates more than anybody.”

Third-round Draft Pick: AMD (AMD)

For their third – and final – draft pick, Lowery and Koester went with semiconductor company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

“It’s essentially the Rob Gronkowski – or Travis Kelce for my Chiefs,” Lowery said. “[AMD] has a nice diversity of CPUs and GPUs which helps with the gaming industry and data.”

AMD’s position in the marketplace as the manufacturer of Radeon graphics cards that accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) workloads also played a factor into their pick, with the team knowing that the emergence of AI can help push AMD’s stock price up.

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