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FiREapps for Cash Flow
FiREapps for Cash Flow is an end-to-end, cloud-based platform that provides treasury professionals with the most accurate cash flow exposure forecasts.

There are many challenges associated with cash flow exposure forecasting, but identifying the challenges and their solutions is not enough to better cash flow exposure management. FiREapps for Cash Flow is the answer that implements those solutions into the exposure forecasting workflow and yields better data and more accurate forecasts.

Forecast Capture

Collaborative Cash Flow Forecast Capture & Consolidation

  • Automatically generate a baseline cash flow forecast
  • Leverage the forecast collection workflow to source revenue and expense forecasts and hedges from all people and systems
  • Systematically consolidate all exposures into a single view
  • Provide forecast history with audit trail
  • Perform forecast-to-forecast variance analysis
Exposure Analysis

Cash Flow Exposure Analysis

  • Perform flexible exposure analysis across multiple hierarchies with real-time grouping and summing capability
  • Drill down into underlying forecast data from any level of hierarchy in real-time
  • Quickly compare current to historical forecasts or actuals
  • Perform exposure forecast trend variance analyses
Management Reporting

Exposure Management & Reporting

  • Apply consistent decision strategies (target ratios, materiality, rounding, etc.)
  • Automate the calculation of recommended hedges
  • Automate trade preparation for submission to trading platforms
  • Embrace and extend the value in hedge accounting and trading platform technologies

Increase operational efficiency

Reduce cost of hedging

More collaboration & stronger financial results

Eradicate spreadsheets

Eliminate data entry