6 Steps to a Lean Cash Flow Exposure Management Process

By Malcolm Cummings
Managing Director of Product Management, FiREapps

Here at FiREapps, we have a simple definition of lean. Lean is the identification and systematic reduction of waste in a process to maximize value. How do we define value? Well, value is defined as an action or a process that someone is willing to pay for. […]

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Why Leading Corporations Choose FiREapps to Manage Currency Risk

If you are a corporate executive, you know negotiating currency volatility comes with the territory in today’s business landscape. But, how confident are you in your FX analytics and the quality of your currency data? Are you sure your multinational is positioned to withstand the next currency crisis? The slightest exposure can have a […]

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6 Things to Look for When Selecting an FX Technology Partner

Multinationals have always faced an array of obstacles in their fight to stay ahead, but in today’s marketplace, the list of obstacles they must negotiate has grown. Global supply-chain challenges, complicated trade agreements, shifting political allegiances and an intense M&A environment are just a few of the challenges corporate executives and board members must […]

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5 Ways to Enhance Your Corporate FX Management Program

Last year Deloitte surveyed 130-plus corporate treasury teams and found more than half of corporate treasurers lack visibility in their currency exposures and reliable FX forecasting tools.

Additionally, Deloitte found nearly 40 percent of corporate board members were not receiving sufficient information on their organization’s FX risk, hobbling their ability to truly manage […]

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Brazilian Currency Plummets on News of Bribery Scandal

The Brazilian real plummeted yesterday on the news that President Michel Temer was embroiled in a bribery scandal, casting a shadow over the already troubled Temer administration – and the Brazilian economy.

The currency plunged 8 percent against the U.S. dollar, a drop that essentially wiped out all its gains since December. Stocks dropped as […]

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Effective FX Risk Management Starts with Currency Awareness 

According to FiREapps most recent Currency Impact Report, as of Q4 2016, North American and European corporates reported currency impacts of $10.47 billion. These losses are smaller than those reported in 2015, suggesting corporate treasury executives and treasury teams continue to become “currency aware.”

Regular readers of this blog know that FiREapps never […]

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5 Keys to Building the Business Case for FX Risk Management

From Brexit, to last November’s U.S. presidential election, to the recent first round of the French Election, there has been no shortage of political surprises in recent months. But each of these serve as reminders that it is wise to be prepared for the unexpected.

With this in mind, now may be a good time […]

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Round Two of the French Presidential Election Calls for Increased Currency Awareness

As Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen emerge as the candidates for France’s presidential election, for multinational companies knowing their euro exposure is more important than ever. Macron’s lead in the polls has many breathing a sigh of relief as there is now only one anti-euro candidate and the possibility of France leaving the […]

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FiREapps Q4 2016 Currency Impact Report – What the Details Tell Us

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North American and European corporates reported suffering negative currency impacts in Q4 2016 of $10.47 billion, despite relatively low currency volatility. Even though the overall EPS impact reported by North American companies has declined over the previous six quarters, unprepared corporates have suffered major impacts from individual currencies. For example, the […]

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Frexit on the Horizon? How Corporates Can Avoid Costly FX Management Mistakes

As the first round of presidential elections in France near, the question of whether France will exit the EU looms. Companies suffered big FX hits after Brexit and rumors of Frexit can be troubling, but the outcome of the election should be of no concern to corporates – if you are confident in your […]

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