Transforming Raw Data into Actionable Insights
Transform raw data into useful, easy-to-interpret insights.

FiREapps for Cash Flow™ empowers treasury and finance with graphic representations of the quality of a forecast, enabling organizations to make better decisions, faster.
Customizable dashboards, reporting and data visualization make it possible to recognize problems before they occur, avoid currency-related losses and track trends for the future.



Forecast Activity Reporting

FiREapps captures and displays forecast and hedge decision submissions, edits and approvals for easy review and audit.



Forecast Summary

FiREapps forecast summary dashboard highlights key metrics, such as exposure by currency, exposure by entity, inflow and outflow by currency, and forecast status by entity.
Forecast summary graphs and tables appear for the selected forecast or can be filtered by period, entity, currency and category.


Forecast Comparison Summary

FiREapps forecast comparison summary dashboard highlights key variances between forecasts.
Graphs and tables make it easy to view variances by currency, entity and other individual forecast elements.



Forecast Variance Over Time in Reporting Currency

A graphical and tabular view of the evolution of a specific forecast element over time for forecasted inflows or outflows in the reporting currency.

Forecast Over Time in Flow Currency

A graphical and tabular view of the evolution of a forecasted inflow and/or outflow for a single flow currency.

Forecast Comparison by Period in Flow Currency

A side-by-side display of two forecasts by period and a single flow currency with interactive views of one or more entities or forecast categories.



Cash Flow Forecast Plus Actuals

A graphical and tabular view comparing the evolution of a specific element of the forecast for a single flow currency against the actuals.

Cash Flow Variance From Actuals

A graphical and tabular view showing the percentage variance of a specific forecast element (from actuals) within all forecasts for a single flow currency.



Hedge Coverage Review by Percentage

FiREapps gives treasury and finance the tools to compare hedge coverage of a forecast to predetermined target ratios with filtering capabilities.
Organizations can easily view the initial hedge, end hedge and target ratio percentages, as well as the high/low range of acceptable target ratios in a bullet graph or in table format for additional underlying forecast and hedge values.