Needed Insight for Managing FX
Award-winning exposure analytics designed to empower treasury and finance with the insight they need to understand and manage foreign exchange (FX) exposure.


FiREapps for Cash Flow’s various forecast analyses make for easy monitoring of the overall forecasting and hedging process.

With FiREapps dynamic workflow tracking dashboard, treasury and forecast submitters can:

  • Analyze the quality of the forecast at varying levels of granularity (entity, flow categories, currency, period)
  • Compare the current forecast against one or more prior-period forecasts
  • Compare the current forecast against “actuals”


Quickly consolidate forecasted cash flows and assess the resulting forecasted currency exposure.

  • Toggle between gross and net exposure views by flow or reporting currency
  • Generate a comparison of existing hedge positions
  • Target coverage levels to determine if new hedges or adjustment should be placed
  • Preconfigure your hedging policy to allow for automatic generation of hedge decisions
  • Annotate forecast or hedge decisions for easy explanation of anomalies or adjustments