FiREapps Products Overview
FiREapps products are easy to use and require no IT maintenance. With FiREapps, you’ll always have a single, trusted truth for your exposure — no matter how many ERP systems, data sources, or currency pairs you have to deal with.

FiREapps FlexEngine

FiREapps Enterprise™

Designed for multinational corporations as a proven combination of scalable, cloud-based software that quickly provides a single, trusted truth – no matter how many ERP systems, data sources, or currency pairs you have to deal with.

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FX Analytics Pro™

Designed specifically for Treasury professionals looking to start or upgrade an FX program, eliminate dependency on spreadsheets and automate manual processes.

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FX Analytics™

Many of our clients look at our FX Analytics™ package as a smart starting point for building or retooling their FX management program. In fact, we often see clients start out on our FX Analytics™ package to knock out the “quick wins first” and build momentum towards a larger upgrade.

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FP&A Currency Analytics

Designed to enable FP&A professionals to quickly perform constant currency analysis, FX rate impact analysis and what-if scenario analysis, on-demand.

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FP&A Currency Analytics

Currency Analytics: Revenue & Expense

Designed to equip global Finance and Accounting teams with the in-depth insight they require to understand the currencies they are conducting business in and their variance period-over-period and against forecasts and budgets.

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Currency Analytics: Data Integrity

Designed to provide you with the tools to analyze your data and examine whether or not multi-currency accounting transactions are recorded and relieved on a timely and accurate basis, FX gains and losses are calculated and recorded properly, and ensure that variances are easily identified and explained.

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