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Achieving visibility to FX risk is hard—but with FX exposure analytics, practitioners can project earnings with confidence (even in uncertain times)

“I’m getting really tired of waking up and trying to figure out what happened in Europe overnight, but the reality of this crisis is that we’re stuck with that.”  –Chris Cordaro, CEO, RegentAtlantic Capital

CNBC Discusses the Challenge of Uncertain Markets and a Lack of Visibility to FX Exposure

Sharing airtime with FiREapps CEO Wolfgang Koester on CNBC Marketwatch, Cordaro echoed executives whose earnings predictability has been hijacked by the European crisis and global currency volatility.

It’s not just Europe keeping them awake—it’s a lack of visibility to their own foreign currency exposure and the related risk to earnings.

Predictability Requires FX Exposure Visibility On Demand

As Koester points out, U.S. multinationals like Accenture, Google, Pfizer and many others are NOT stuck. That’s because they rely on sophisticated FX exposure analytics to give them a timely, accurate view of their FX exposures, so they can take steps to isolate currency impacts to earnings.

The result? Confidence in earnings projections, regardless of currency moves.