Timely, Accurate Data Collection
The complete capture of accurate and timely forecast data is often named as a top challenge by treasurers.
To combat this challenge, FiREapps for Cash Flow™ provides an intuitive workflow process and variance analytics to ensure treasury and finance have access to accurate, complete and timely forecast data.


The FiREapps for Cash Flow single-platform solution allows for direct collaboration between local finance teams. Users can log in and upload or directly enter forecast metrics. They are also provided with a single starting point for each forecasting period thanks to a pre-populated baseline provided in the platform.


For treasury teams that want to utilize corporate forecasts or budgets from FP&A that are generally needed to develop a baseline multicurrency cash flow forecast, FiREapps for Cash Flow has a solution.
FiREapps for Cash Flow easily accepts forecasts or budgets from systems such as Hyperion, SAP BW, Anaplan and other forecasting and budgeting systems.


FiREapps for Cash Flow aggregates underlying account balance data and hedge and exposure-related information from an array of treasury management systems (TMS).

Common TMS Connections

  • Kyriba
  • FIS (Quantum and Integrity)
  • Ion Trading (Reval, City Financials and IT2)
  • SAP Treasury
  • Capella
  • Visual Risk
  • Bellin
  • Hedge Trackers (Capella)