FiREapps Introduces New FiREappsBI™ Functionality into FiREapps for Cash Flow™ Product

January 10, 2018

New Product Offering Delivers Visual Data Representation to Aid in FX Management Decision Making

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) – The launch of FiREappsBI functionality within FiREapps for Cash Flow revolutionizes the currency analytics market by delivering actionable data insights to corporate finance and treasury functions in one sleek, easy-to-use platform.


“As a financial technology provider, we are always looking for ways to better serve multinationals managing foreign exchange risk, while reducing risk and costs associated with their program,” said Wolfgang Koester, FiREapps CEO. “This latest product advancement reaffirms FiREapps commitment to providing the marketplace with best-in-class, cutting-edge technologies that increase confidence in the forecasting process by bringing people closer to their exposure data, resulting in higher hedge ratios.”

FiREapps integration of powerful business intelligence (BI) capabilities into its current cash flow exposure forecasting product instills increased confidence in the process by connecting data, bringing it to life by graphically representing the quality of the forecasting process in an easily consumable format, and providing interactive dashboards and in-depth reporting to further connect finance and treasury with their data. This technology provides the visualization of data needed to detect variances and strategically address areas of ineffectiveness within the forecasting process, enabling continuous assessment and enhancement of exposure forecasting programs.

FiREappsBI facilitates an even closer working relationship with FiREapps extensive customer base that will result in delivering more standard reporting faster and allow for all customers to benefit from everyone’s input. Additionally, FiREappsBI allows for quick development of customized reports to suit the needs of any company.

“The addition of FiREappsBI into our current product offering provides a control infrastructure across the process to help finance and treasury trace deviations in the forecast and isolate their point of origin,” said Corey Edens, FiREapps Chief Solutions Officer. “FiREapps for Cash Flow is the leading cash flow exposure forecasting product and this new BI functionality continues to make the forecasting process easier by providing additional insights in a nimble and streamlined SaaS environment that can be customized to meet individual business needs.”

FiREappsBI signifies a noteworthy improvement on FiREapps previous reporting tools in FiREapps for Cash Flow by empowering finance and treasury functions to transform their data into actionable insights with rich, interactive reports to better view and analyze data, in turn leading to better decisions.

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