FiREapps Appoints Managing Director of EMEA

February 15, 2017

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Feb. 15, 2017 – FiREapps, the leader in Currency Sensitive Analytics for multinational corporations, today announced the promotion of Daniel Elsawey to Managing Director, EMEA. Among other responsibilities, Elsawey will lead FiREapps' partnerships and drive new business in EMEA.

Elsawey joined FiREapps in early 2016, having previously worked at Bain & Co, Bloomberg and most recently Barclays Investment Bank structuring fixed income indices and multi-asset risk management, with extensive knowledge of FX derivatives.

"Expansion of our global footprint as the leader in Currency Analytics is a key objective for the firm and I feel Daniel is more than up to the task. His drive and ambition was evident when he joined last year and I expect that to only grow going forward into 2017. With currency volatilities at an all time high it is more important than ever to have the best people to help our corporate clients manage their FX exposures," said Wolfgang Koester, CEO of FiREapps.

"I believe FiREapps' ability to offer clients a clear three-step process to managing their FX risk has been a key factor in our success. Firstly by understanding the risk arising from short-term monetary assets and liabilities, secondly analyzing revenue and expenses, which provides the data and confidence to increase hedge ratios, and improve effectiveness for cash flow hedging program," said Elsawey. "I am looking forward to discussing geopolitical risks with CFOs in 2017 and helping them manage their FX risk using data analytics; from an FX perspective, making their earnings season more predictable."

About FiREapps

FiREapps is the leading provider of Corporate Currency Analytics and FX exposure management technologies. Established in 2005, FiREapps developed the first solution to automate foreign exchange exposure management for multinational companies. Through a combination of software solutions and expert analysis, FiREapps helps companies ensure they're accurately measuring and managing their FX exposures. Numerous Fortune 500 companies rely on FiREapps technology to help them reduce FX risk and increase efficiency every day.

FiREapps is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with offices in Portland, London and Frankfurt.

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