FiREapps Guarantees More Accurate Cash Flow Forecast with Debut of Forecast Creator + Cash Flow

October 24, 2016

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 24, 2016 – FiREapps, the leader in Currency Sensitive Analytics, is continuing its focus on growth with the addition of Garry Popofsky, FX advisory and banking expert.

FiREapps, the market leader in currency sensitive analytics for global corporates, is showcasing an early preview of their next generation cash flow forecasting technology at the AFP conference on Oct 23.

Designed to optimize every step of the cash flow forecasting process and deliver higher confidence in cash flow currency management actions, FiREapps new Forecast Creator + Cash Flow is built from top to bottom to deliver speed, efficiency and above all — accuracy.

"We feel so strongly about the accuracy FiREapps' Forecast Creator delivers, that we are launching with a money back guarantee that it will improve the accuracy of any manual cash flow forecasting process," said Wolfgang Koester, CEO and Co-founder of FiREapps.

This latest addition to the FiREapps' suite of products represents a doubling back to FiREapps' core belief that better data drives better decisions. To that end, FiREapps took a meticulous approach to researching and optimizing every possible step of the cash flow forecasting (data creation) and currency management process to deliver the most accurate and efficient process possible.

"In today's currency environment, corporates cannot afford to have inefficient and inaccurate currency management processes that don't move at the pace of today's global economy," said Koester.

Market data indicates that corporate currency management is rapidly continuing to get more complex, while internal and external constituents are holding companies to an increasingly higher standard on transparency and management of currency.

"Since Q2 of 2014, there have been 9 currency shocks across nearly as many as 8 different world currencies. It's statistics like these that remind us why we work day in and day out to equip global finance professionals with the best tools to navigate this new paradigm. And we think this latest edition to our lineup is the best one yet," said Koester.

To get an early preview of the exciting new Forecast Creator + Cash flow, make sure to stop by FiREapps' booth (#1205) at the AFP Conference in Orlando, FL, anytime between October 23 - 26.

FiREapps' imminent release of the Forecast Creator + Cash Flow will feature major architectural upgrades, including moving to Microsoft Azure as well as interface and speed updates of FiREapps' cash flow solution. These enhancements couple the existing solution perfectly with the new approach introduced via the Forecast Creator.

"As a teaser for what else is to come in 2017, all I can say is: stay tuned for a big announcement - we are working diligently on a couple of products that have the chance to truly revolutionize how corporates interact with currency," said Koester.

About FiREapps

FiREapps is the leading provider of Corporate Currency Analytics and FX exposure management technologies. Established in 2005, FiREapps developed the first solution to automate foreign exchange exposure management for multinational companies. Through a combination of software solutions and expert analysis, FiREapps helps companies ensure they’re accurately measuring and managing their FX exposures. Numerous Fortune 500 companies rely on FiREapps technology to help them reduce FX risk and increase efficiency every day.

FiREapps is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with offices in Portland, London and Frankfurt.

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