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Taking the guesswork out of Currency Analytics

As the market leader in Currency Analytics solutions, FiREapps helps corporate treasury and finance teams get visibility in days and FX impacts under $.01 EPS in just two quarters without IT development or maintenance.

Top multinationals of all sizes and industries trust FiREapps to help them contain currency costs and risks. FiREapps cloud services increase return on ERP investments with data integrity, actionable intelligence and fact-based collaboration.

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Company History & Awards
In 2000, the principals of Rim Tec (short for “Risk Management Techniques”) formed FiREapps to apply their collective experience and expertise in managing foreign exchange risk to the challenge of corporate foreign exchange exposure management. Rim Tec’s consulting-based approach, demonstrated success in saving companies millions of dollars in FX-related costs and risk-related financial impacts led to the development of a proprietary set of processes and methodologies for managing foreign exchange risk.

Out of the company’s combined expertise, a set of proprietary methodologies were applied to a cloud-based technology and FiREapps was born. In 2005 the FiREapps on-demand FX exposure management platform was launched, providing the first automated solution for identifying, quantifying and managing foreign exchange exposure.

FiREapps is now the global leader in FX exposure management. We’ve helped companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries to protect earnings and EPS while saving operational and transaction costs every step of the way.

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