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Infographic Transcription Below:

4 Profiles for Corporate FX Management


Which of These Profiles Match Your Current FX Needs?


Considering an FX Risk Management Program

  • Typically, has no history of foreign exchange management or hedging currencies.
  • CFO and treasury team may not have a holistic understanding of organization’s exposures or how they impact EPS or EBITDA.


Seeking Incremental Upgrades to Current FX Program

  • Organization currently relies on a manual process, which is vulnerable to errors.
  • CFO is transitioning away from spreadsheet-reliant program and seeks automated data aggregation and in-depth exposure analysis.


In Need of a Next-generation, Straight Through Process

  • Company needs to transition away from final vestiges of manual FX process and adopt a fully automated program.
  • Already invested in ERPs, treasury management programs andtrading platforms.


Complex Company Seeking a Robust, Resilient Process

  • Rapid growth (often due to M&As)means an array of differing accounting methodologies are being used.
  • Needs to consolidate, map and analyze various complex FX datasets (Multiple ERPs, spreadsheets, TMS, Planning & Budgeting System, etc.).


For nearly two decades FiREapps has helped multinationals fortify their currency risk management programs, generating quantifiable results.

Regardless of how mature your company’s FX program is—or how complex its needs—FiREapps can customize a solution to reduce FX risk, reduce FX costs and streamline FX processes to improve the impact currency has on your financial results.

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