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In a move that revolutionizes how multinationals manage their FX risk, forward-thinking fintech providers are leveraging business intelligence (BI) tools to deliver greater insights and more in-depth reporting. Leading the currency analytics industry, FiREapps has introduced new BI functionality into its current cash flow exposure forecasting offering with the release of FiREapps for Cash Flow now with FiREappsBI.

FiREappsBI empowers treasury professionals with data they can see and understand. By bringing data to life in the form of graphs, charts, pivot tables and dashboards, BI tools provide better business insights, enabling treasury teams to make better decisions when forecasting cash flow exposures.

Here are the 3 reasons you should incorporate a currency analytics solution with BI offerings to your cash flow exposure forecasting process.

1.    Grasp the Complete Picture of Your Cash Flow Exposure Forecast

FiREappsBI empowers treasury to put their data to work by bringing it to life. By visually connecting data and business decisions with innovative, easy-to-use technology, FiREappsBI provides a full picture of what is going on in a business.

Having visual insight into this organizational data enables treasury functions to evaluate the accuracy and consistency of their forecasts at a glance and allows for assessment of forecast evolution.

2.    Gain Control of Your Business

Rather than struggling to manually create and prepare own reports in spreadsheets, or waiting for IT to generate a report, FiREappsBI allows finance and treasury teams to combine multiple data feeds into a single view. From there, data can be transformed into interactive graphs, images, reports or layouts to meet individual reporting requirements.

3.    Make Informed Risk Mitigation Decisions

FiREappsBI combines strategies, processes and technology to support informed business decisions. By leveraging the powerful business intelligence capabilities in FiREapps for Cash Flow, treasury is able to transform complex organizational data into business insights that can be shared across the organization.

FiREappsBI makes the reporting process more visual and dynamic with interactive reporting capabilities to help multinationals better analyze data by combining static data from spreadsheets with cutting edge technology.

How FiREappsBI for Cash Flow Exposure Forecasting Can Help

As the currency data company, FiREapps is known for its best-in-class currency analytics solutions that have proven to decrease EPS@Risk™, improve EBITDA predictability, reduce FX risk and costs, automate FX risk management processes and eliminate currency surprises.

FiREapps continues to be an innovating force in the industry, most recently with its introduction of FiREappsBI into the FiREapps for Cash Flow product. FiREappsBI takes raw data from one or multiple sources and transforms it into useful business information, tracing variances to forecasts, isolating where those inconsistencies originated and providing a graphical representation of the quality of the forecasting process. These insights allow treasury to continually assess their forecasts to amend and enhance their program and address areas of difficulty.

For any company trying to grow and compete in today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, FiREappsBI allows users to understand and manage currency risk in real time with the help of customizable dashboards, rich reporting and visualization of data.

To learn more about FiREapps for Cash Flow now with FiREappsBI, contact a FiREapps Director of Risk Advisory.

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