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Over 2,100 users, 38,000 entities, 610 ERP connections,
the most deployed FX Management System for both SAP and ORACLE

Top multinationals of all sizes and industries trust FiREapps to help them contain FX costs and risk, including 75% of the Top Technology Distributors, 60% of the Top Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and 40% of the Top Internet Service Providers.

Hear directly from our clients about the FX issues they had prior to engaging with FiREapps and how FiREapps was able to help them better understand and manage their currency risk.

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*FiREapps has helped customers win eight combined Alexander Hamilton Awards and Adam Smith Awards since 2008. Your treasury team could be next, contact us today.

What Our Customers Say
With our FiREapps software solution, we have greater comfort that all FX exposures are identified on a very timely basis.
I burned more IT hours trying to get a report out of SAP than I ever used in the implementation of FiREapps.
FiREapps offered a solution that enabled us to identify our exposures automatically, and help us find ways to mitigate the associated risk so we could gain predictability in terms of FX impact on P&L.
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As the category creator of on-demand FX exposure management software solutions, and more than two decades of experience in finance, accounting and risk management, FiREapps is on the forefront of FX Exposure Analytics. We’re proud to share this experience and our ongoing idea leadership with you.

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Whether you need a smart starting point for building an FX management program, you’re building an enterprise level straight-through process or you just want to know, 100%, what your FX exposure really is...FiREapps can help.
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