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If you are a multinational in acquisition mode, you don’t have the ability to readily combine the information in a timely manner to get your exposures. FiREapps can help.

Randahl Finnessy | FLIR Systems, Inc.

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FiREapps FX OnRamp™
Get answers. Fast.

What is my exposure? Where is it coming from? What should I do about it? These are questions that treasurers across virtually every industry are scrambling to answer. For many, it is a confusing and intimidating charter with no clear path to success.

Designed specifically for treasury organizations seeking to establish an institutionalized FX risk management program for the first time, FiREapps FX OnRamp™ combines cloud-based technology and world-class FXpertise in a proven, methodical approach that delivers answers, fast.

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  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Economic/Accounting Exposure Analytics
  • Entity/Account-Level Exposure Analytics
  • Long/Short Position Analytics
  • Risk Analytics
  • Exposure Trend Analytics
  • Period-Over-Period Analytics
  • Exposure Forecast Analytics
  • Plan-to-Actual Analytics
  • FX Gain/Loss Analytics
  • Cost and Risk Efficiency (CoRE) Analytics
  • Dynamic Exposure Queries
  • Forecasted Exposure Aggregation
  • Account Filtering Rules
  • Temporary Account Exclusion
  • Exposure Derivation Rules
  • Exposure Derivation Rules
  • Transaction Currency Validation
  • Inter-company Account Matching
  • Re-Measurement Rule Validation
  • Organic Exposure Elimination
  • Intercompany Settlements
  • Currency Conversion
  • Hedge Recommendations
  • FX Exposure-Tolerance Scenarios
  • Trade Approval Workflow

The FiREapps FX OnRamp™ Advantage

  • Identify and analyze your true FX exposure in a matter of weeks.
  • Exploit immediate opportunities to organically eliminate exposure from open foreign currency transactions that affect balance sheet accounts.
  • Protect earnings and EPS with predictability and confidence.
  • Manage FX risk across more currency pairs within tighter parameters.
  • Provide a scalable foundation for ongoing, currency-agnostic FX risk management and process improvement.

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