FiREapps for Cash Flow™

Create, Analyze and Fully Manage Cash Flow Exposure Forecasts

FiREapps for Cash Flow™, a new product by FiREapps, has been named to The Innovators 2017 – Foreign Exchange list by Global Finance magazine as a product innovation that transforms how companies implement FX strategies and manage currency risk.

25% increase in hedge ratios

20% increase in exposure forecast accuracy

40% increased participation in cash flow process

Increase EBITDA Predictabiltity
Enhance Forecast
Create a Currency Aware Organization
End-to-End Process
Increase Efficiency
Lower Cost

FX Hedging Only Works When You Have Full Visibility into Your Currency Data.

See what FiREapps for Cash Flow can do for you.

FiREapps for Cash Flow

The SaaS solution fills in the gaps between distributed finance teams to help eliminate process risk, increase forecast accuracy and optimize hedging programs.

Exposure Visibility for Risk Mitigation

Global treasury teams need confidence in their data to accurately forecast cash flow exposures, increase hedge ratios and better mitigate risk. FiREapps for Cash Flow optimizes every step of the cash flow exposure forecasting workflow, delivering a faster process and driving more confidence in smarter hedging strategies.

A Collaborative FX Exposure & Risk Management Solution

Finance team collaboration is fostered through distributed access for upload, entry and verification of exposure data. FiREapps for Cash Flow provides forecaster feedback and facilitates cross team communication through cell-level annotations with auditability.

Cash Flow Risk Exposure Analysis

FiREapps for Cash Flow allows treasury teams clear insight into their exposures through flexible exposure analyses and real-time grouping and summing capabilities. Forecast-to-forecast variance analysis is available at every level of the hierarchy.

Exposure Management & Reporting

Based on the approved cash flow forecast, the SaaS solution allows for the automated calculation of recommended hedges using corporate target ratios, materiality and rounding, and automates trade preparation to trading platforms.

Transform complex data into actionable insights with rich dashboards and easy-to-read reports that can be customized to fit organizational needs.
  • Evaluate accuracy and consistency of forecasts through visual data representation

  • Assess forecast evolution to see how forecast & hedge ratios have changed over time
  • Incorporate business cycles and seasonality for better hedging decisions

  • Leverage business insights gained from detailed data to drive better program results
FiREappsBI graphically represents the quality of the forecasting process, empowering treasury with the visualization they need to detect variances and continually assess their forecasts. This allows for finance and treasury teams to strategically address areas of difficulty within the forecasting process, enabling them to amend and enhance their program.
Learn how FiREapps for Cash Flow now with FiREappsBI reveals the power of data and people with in-depth data visualization and actionable insights at a glance.