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FX is about risk management. No treasurer wants to surprise anyone.

Brent Callinicos | Google, Inc. in a FiREapps webinar, February 26, 2009

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Best Practices for Managing Currency Risk: Weathering the Euro Storm and Beyond - The CFO is increasingly being tasked with explaining his or her company's FX exposure to the Board of Directors, and in the case of public companies, to the investment community. This webinar will outline current and emerging best practices in identifying, quantifying, and managing FX exposure in an increasingly volatile environment. Brent Callinicos, VP, Treasurer at Google, will explain how his company has leveraged technology to enable best practices and what it means to have no FX surprises to report to his Board or the investment community.
FX Risk Management: Current and Emerging Technology  - This webinar features case studies featuring seasoned financial professionals who have their companies on the forefront of effective FX risk management. This session also reviews current and emerging technique and technology trends in the arena of FX Risk measurement, monitoring, reporting, and automated management. However, just like most technology, “one size does not fit all”. This session identifies the economic drivers for companies considering various levels of technology adoption.
FX Risk Management: Establishing the Framework for Success  - This webinar encompasses an outline the critical elements in establishing a sustainable, holistic FX risk management program; the business case drivers for establishing the strategic relevance of currency risk, and offers practical advice in developing and managing the internal and external relationships necessary to drive a successful program.
FX Market Volatility: Surviving and Thriving in the Midst of Corporate Currency Chaos  - This webinar offers an assessment of the current and ever increasing volatility in currency markets, practical advice in terms of identifying and monitoring the sources of F/X risk that impact the bottom line at your company, and insights into the inherent and exogenous volatility in the currency markets most relevant to your firm.
FX Risk Strategies to Protect Profits and Margins - While some organizations have been forced to work twice as hard to achieve the same FX gain/loss results, others have turned their FX risk management capabilities into a competitive advantage. By creating greater transparency to the sources of FX risk and improving the monitoring and analysis of FX exposures, multinational companies have been able to optimize their pricing while protecting margins and profits from foreign currency volatility. The key? Automated processes that ensure timely, complete and accurate FX data while supporting enterprise-wide visibility to opportunities to mitigate FX risk.
Transforming FX Data into Business Intelligence to Reduce Risks and Cut Costs - Learn how today’s leading treasury organizations are protecting the value of their companies in turbulent times by automating FX exposure management processes to give them more timely and complete visibility to the greatest sources of foreign exchange risk. FiREapps CEO Wolfgang Koester and Agilent Technologies FX Risk Manager Dawnette Blake discuss how corporate treasuries can make more impactful decisions to dramatically reduce FX risks while cutting costs.
FX Risk Management: Achieving the Gold Standard - View how companies like Google, Agilent, ADC telecommunications and others have leveraged FiREapps solutions to accelerate their visions for integrated straight through processing of foreign exchange exposures from data to decision.
Manage FX Risk With Confidence: a FiREapps Solution Demo - FiREapps, the leading provider of on-demand, foreign exchange exposure management solutions, demonstrates how companies like Google, Yahoo, Plantronics, Avnet, Hypercom, Pharmanet and many others have achieved greater confidence and significant FX cost savings and risk reduction, in as little as 30 days.
Communicating FX Costs & Risks to CEOs, CFOs and Board Members - FiREapps CEO Wolfgang Koester and Thunderbird School of Global Management Dean John Mathis discuss how companies can get a better handle on their foreign exchange exposure management processes to clearly communicate potential costs and risks.
FiREapps and SunGard Customer Spotlight: Google - Google, the creator of the world’s largest internet search engine, combined two software solutions, AvantGard Treasury for improved cash management and FiREapps for managing foreign exchange exposures, to fulfill its strategic vision for an automated treasury environment that supports complete data, timely analysis and transparent treasury processes.